Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you forming the Mid-South Boykin Spaniel  Retriever Club?

A: We found there is a large population of Boykin owners in the deep south  and mid-southern states. Our club will cover those states (GA, AL, MS, TN, FL,  KY, LA, AR) and provide gatherings and events where we can train and trial our  dogs in the field as the hunters that they were bred to be.

Q: What if I don’t hunt my dog?

A: You can still join and attend the gatherings where we will provide various  training opportunities including basic marked retrieves, advanced marked  retrieves, blinds along with field trialing and obedience. You just might get  hooked on field trialing like the rest of us. It’s a great way to bond with your  dog and provide an outlet for his boundless energy.

Q: What does it cost to join?

A: Annual membership dues are $35. All dependents are included for this one  fee. Kids will want to their parents to join as we are planning on activities  for children and their dogs too.

Q: How will MSBSRC operate? Who will run it?

A: MSBSRC will be governed by an elected Board of Directors. The club is  seeking incorporation and will be filing for tax-exempt status (501c7) so that  we may make the best use of our funds in providing all the activities for its  members.

Q: Will the MSBCRC help the public to find Boykin puppies?

A: Yes. The MSBSRC intends to establish a page on website for breeders to  list their litters . Our criteria for listing will be strict. We will only  recommend breeders who use OFA certified dam and sire (eyes, heart, hips) and  who have a history of putting health and temperament as priority in their  breeding.

Q: Is hip dysplasia a major health issue for the  Boykin Spaniel?

No. If you buy a dog from a reputable breeder the chances are small that you  will have any major health problem with your Boykin. The Boykin Spaniel Society  has led the way in improving the Boykin Spaniel breed and hip dysplasia is  actually not as prevalent as in some other breeds.